Travel & Tourism


1.6 billion domestic tourism trips per year

Improved transport networks have boosted this figure up from 695 million in 1998.

21% surge in tourist arrivals in Vietnam

Figures reached as high as 1.04 million in July 2017.

  • In a bid to attract 20 million tourists for the 2020 TokyoOlympics,  the government is planning to upgrade airports and seaports, as well as improve access to national parks and cultural attractions

  • With strong GDP growth and rising domestic disposable income, Chinese tourists have been identified as a “hot commodity” by international tourism boards

  • Vietnam relies a lot on their tourists for economic stability, while the rest of the world is suffering from the economic downturn, the Vietnamese economy and tourist industry continue to flourish at an impressive pace

  • China is the third most visited country in the world. The number of overseas tourists was 55.98 million in 2010. Foreign exchange income was $45.8 billion, the world’s fourth largest in 2010


Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

Data Collection

Researching and generating opportunities for partnerships in the travel sector by collecting data on relevant foreign travel companies and arranging meetings.


Creating a marketing blog and newsletter resource on travel events and activities in China, adding content and tracking its effectiveness.

Business Development

Assisting with business development for a travel company in English-speaking countries, including US, UK and Australia.



Travel Agency & Event Management

The company is the largest travel company in China and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. They deal in domestic and international travel as well as conferences, exhibitions, and high tech development.

CRCC Asia interns will work for the company’s China travel depot which is the biggest flight ticket provider in China.  They were established in 1997 and now have over 25 offices throughout China.